The girl in this video shot a video describing what women in the 2000s did. The first is about the type of shirt to wear, I have worn 4 – 5 pieces inside and each

will be in order from shortest to longest, and the makeup is also very simple.

They apply makeup by applying bold eyeshadow, blushing and finally applying a light lipstick on their lips.

The next thing to mention is that her hair will be parted , a completely different style from the 2000s she mentioned.

Looking at this style and now is a lot different because there were not many expensive cosmetics in previous years, so when I look back a long time ago, it is a lot different.

From the style of dress to the hair is very different now, now I like smooth hair, in the past I liked ruffled hair, before I only applied powder, now I wear heavy makeup.

Viewers also feel very logical and very similar to previous years, many netizens commented that this is too similar:

“Okay, it’s weird that you’re 30 years old doing this,”


“Oh, it looks like”