The video is controversial because of the girl’s actions in the video, the girl in the pink shirt stood in the elevator first and a moment later another girl entered.

That girl saw that, she expressed her dissatisfaction and disliked this girl, when she stepped to the right and pressed the elevator button, the girl in the pink

shirt had an attitude of not agreeing with her doing it.

This girl in pink shows a very uncomfortable attitude and doesn’t like this girl in black, she is confident that she is hotter and sexier than the girl in this jacket,

so she is extremely confident.

As soon as she went to look in the mirror, this girl in black took off her shirt, inside was a police uniform, now seeing that she is a police officer, this girl is

extremely scared and worried. .

She was immediately scared and began to feel that she had poked the wrong person, the policewoman gave the girl a coat to warn her not to show her face

in public.

The video received many comments from netizens, viewers said that the female police officer has a much hotter body than her.

“Yeah, police ladies wear flat uniforms, lol.”