The video is about a man who has 2 more dogs in his house, he has prepared a party for the black dog because it does its job well and is very obedient, so this

dog is very loved by the owner .

Treat this dog to something he loves so much. When he covered his mouth with his hand, he signaled this black dog to be quiet so it could find food, avoid

making noise so that other dogs would run down to the house to get food.

He understood the characteristics and personality of each pet very well, so he had to be very careful, when he was taking out a piece of cake from his pocket,

he made a slight noise that made the dog white upstairs had run down and he was helpless to watch.

As a result, he had to make an extra plate of food for this white dog, he tried very hard not to make any noise so that the other dogs wouldn’t notice but a

small noise was enough for the dog to hear and run downward.

Some netizens joked that the dog wouldn’t hear him call them but with food it was always clear:

“They don’t hear you calling them but they hear them opening snacks. Lol”

“🤣🤣🤣 they killed me!!”