In the clip, two men are repairing cars, when they open the plastic piece under the car, they see a mouse as big as a cat jumping out, the two brothers panic in humor, he follows it but can’t. Rats are rodents, they love to eat almost anything and the more secluded the place, the easier it is for them to make a destructive nest. Cars are a prime example, many cases of opening the compartment or bonnet have both a rat’s nest breaking all the wires and the internal equipment system severely damaging the vehicle. The way for you to detect that a mouse has entered the car is to see the dirty garbage scattered in the car that you did not throw away. Accompanied by that, you see on the car the bite marks that fit the mouth of the mouse, the smell of urine and rat droppings is very characteristic. Then you quickly go to find it because there are mice in the car so that it doesn’t destroy more. You should open the engine compartment immediately because this is where they love to live, if you see the smell of declaration, they are exactly hiding. somewhere. Other signs such as broken headlights, horns do not sound, car engine sounds abnormally loud, etc., maybe the mouse has bitten the car’s electric wire.

Here are six areas where rats are most commonly found in cars:

  1. Vents: The vents can help the rat to have good access to food and warmth. They can chew on cables and nest in warm, dark areas near engines.
  2. Luggage compartment: The luggage compartment is a spacious area for rats to get in. It can be a perfect nesting spot for mice if you leave the rear compartment cover open for a long time. Luggage compartments with small compartments especially attract mice to nest.
  3. Control Panel Compartment: The compartment on the console or glove box as it is commonly known can be a suitable place for a mouse to nest if it has not been used for many months.
  4. Car air filter box: Large cars often have larger air filter cartridges, this is a common place for rats to find nesting places.
  5. Seating: The area under the saddle, especially the back of the seat, is beneficial for mice to make a home.
  6. Battery: Car batteries are warm and mice love such areas.
    Clean the car regularly Rats like to hide in a discreet, humid place, so if you leave every position on the car smelling fresh, it will probably limit them to attack. Not to mention the constant cleaning will detect mice early to eliminate them to avoid them severely damaging the car. In addition, you should pay attention not to park your car near a landfill, where there are many luxuriant trees because there are many rats that will jump into your car. They will enter the car, the car compartment to feed or nest. Check and clean the engine compartment As mentioned, the engine compartment is where mice often appear, so you must regularly check and clean this place. If the engine is accidentally attacked by a mouse, the repair money is quite expensive for the car owner. When cleaning the engine compartment, you should remove all food, garbage, clean urine and rat droppings so that they do not return. How to fight mice for cars: Use beef fat, python fat

Another effective way to prevent mice from attacking cars according to folk experience is to use cow fat or python grease on the entire car wiring system.

This smell is very incompatible with mice, they smell fear so they will avoid your car. How to get rid of mice in the car – Use rat poison. When you detect that there are mice in your car, the next effective way is to use rat poison to kill them and prevent others from coming. When they see the smell of rat poison, they will be afraid and gradually stay away from the car. You can put this rat poison under the car, in the engine compartment …. These are the places where rats or mice come and when they accidentally eat, they will die slowly. Use the mouse repellent on the car. With modern technology, today you can completely search and buy a mouse repellent specialized for cars. When turned on, the machine will emit ultrasonic waves at a frequency of about 22 – 60 kHz, the frequency will constantly change, which will scare the rats away. This emitted sound source only affects rats and does not harm humans. Use car rat repellent essential oil. You may not know that rats are afraid of the smell of ginger and mint, if you want to repel them, you can choose this pure essential oil with this smell. You hang essential oils in the car, the scent will waft throughout the day, scaring the rats and not daring to approach. To buy high quality and affordable products, you can order at website. We sell many different types such as menthol, tangerine essential oil, etc., which can both be scented on the car to be more comfortable, more relaxed, and effectively repel insects and mice.