According to the video, the doctor had to use a tongs to pull the bee out of the boy’s ear, fortunately the insect did not bite the boy, so it was not dangerous.
Some types of insects such as mosquitoes, ants, flies … often appear in places that are polluted, humid, and have a lot of furniture. They can get into your ears while you’re sleeping or walking. Children are especially vulnerable to insect attacks than adults, and are vulnerable to serious injury if treated incorrectly.

When an insect enters the ear, we all feel the ear being attacked and the level of pain will vary from person to person. Small insects have mild pain, but there are also many cases of severe pain caused by stings. Some also experience watery or bleeding from insect bites deep into the eardrum.

When an insect gets into the ear, mild cases can be treated at home. You should lie on the side of the ear where the insect enters and then pour warm water or hydrogen peroxide into the ear for the insect to come out or die. Then, take the patient to the hospital to check or remove the insect.
If the insect entering the ear is large, you need to kill it before removing it to avoid damaging the ear canal. With small insects, just use specialized washing water to kill it and then use the safe removal method. After removing the insect, it is necessary to wash the ear and put the medicine in the ear for a few days to avoid infection.