Video sent to WLBT from a Ring camera shows a suspect in handcuffs being either punched or slapped in the face as he walks out of a home in Jackson.

Marshals did not comment on the specifics of the incident, but provided this statement:

The U.S. Marshals Service is aware of an incident that occurred this morning involving members of our multi-agency Gulf Coast Regional Task Force (GCRTF) in Mississippi. We take any allegation of misconduct by our personnel or task force partners seriously and we are currently gathering information regarding the incident.U.S. Marshals investigating after handcuffed suspect hit in face

The handcuffed person in the video has not been identified, nor has the reason for the arrest.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, said she was asleep when the officers kicked open the door of the home.

“They drug them, they hit them, and they was handcuffed through this whole ordeal,” she said.

She says the officers also ransacked the house.

“The way that they came in and how they did them…it’s like they already got on their mind like, ‘they did this; you’re guilty of this.’”

“Everyone on here screaming about how they shouldn’t do him that way. Yet if this man killed two of ur family members you all would wanna do way worse to him, cuffed or not.

If I read the story correctly he killed a 40 something year old woman a child. Don’t remember the childs age or if it was hers or not but that is why the US marshals were after him in the first place.”