The video posted on social media attracted the interest and engagement of a lot of people.
This caused a lot of controversy about the girl’s actions, she was doing the shooting but when she was not ready to take the gun and the gun came out to shoot it.
She was very scared when she held the gun and it seemed that she couldn’t even hold her arm straight because it could have caused a lot of danger and many people were wondering why she was holding the gun when she wasn’t ready.

at the expense of someone. Yeah, let her hurt someone in the field. No! She shouldn’t be allowed to use that weapon if she doesn’t know how to handle it to begin with.
‘really?!’ This mistake?!?! The mistake was to allow her to hold a gun without being ready or prepared for it. This should never happen and the internet is filled with stupid videos like this.”
I’ve been shooting for a long time. Someone just gave her a loaded gun and told her to shoot it. She was never shown anything about it.

How to keep it or whatever. I can tell that by the way she’s holding it. Before she pulled the trigger for the first time.”
That could be true. But she’s learning. This is where you want to make a mistake. She can learn how to shoot, but she doesn’t seem to be quite prepared to do it.
“I have seen that kind of thing on the range at West Point! I was the Range Officer for M-60, and worse, hand grenades! No place to hide, and I could see the fragments coming upward and backward towards the tower.”

“Wow.” This makes me angry because she has no business even handling a firearm. Someone could have been injured because of her mishandling of the firearm. These things are not toys and if mishandled can and most likely will hurt or kill someone. The best thing they could have done was to place a single round in to allow her to feel the power it has before she unloads the magazine. Or give her a firearm that is double action.”