The video captures the riot scene on the road, and this can be seen as a large protest between the people and the police; they hold placards, and many people use
their phones to record what is happening; the police car suddenly rushes straight ahead and stabs the protesters standing in the middle of the road, causing some
people to fall, and then they turned the car around and left the network for these people to chase the rioters, throw water and something in the car.

The chaotic scene left netizens speechless. Worried and panicked and didn’t understand what was happening, why these people were protesting like that, and why the police officers in the car were acting so, it was hazardous. And the protests that happen are not too strange to us because the injustices and questions of the people are not resolved.

They stood up to find their voice and demand justice for themselves; some parts of protesters caused trouble and disorder, affecting many people.
To life and politics.
Some netizens shared their views:
“One of the protesters threw water; I’m sure it scared the driver. And one was using bad words. HORRIBLE!”

“Now let’s see, if they weren’t in the middle of the action like this, no one would have been taken down.”
“Try that in Florida, and see what happens.”
“That cop needs a 3/4 ton 4×4 with a drill-pipe bumper; and maybe some tire chains.”