The video below captures an image of a soldier opening his heart, and he says something that he still does not receive while in the army; the paragraph short video makes many people curious and interested, they don’t know what he is holding in his hand, and they want to learn and know better about those things and the army.

Because everything in the military is classified and never announced to the outside, specific incidents or cases that happen in the military are handled in secret and with complete confidentiality. That’s something that no other department or organization can do like that; self-discipline is always upheld, clearly rewarded, and punished. Transparent, and everything is fair. The military is an organized group of armed people trained by the state for use in offensive or defensive warfare.

This is the nest of a concentrated, permanent, professional armed organization built by a state or a political movement to gain power and liberate the country. , defend the territory, area, or fatherland by armed struggle (war, civil war, skirmish…) or wage war, armed effort to do so. Political purposes of the state or of that political movement.