A video that was recently posted has attracted everyone’s interest and interest in a little girl’s actions.The video recorded a man who had parked in the parking lot,after he had stepped out of the car and oozed there and had brought something strange with him,he seemed very saggy, he looked very dangerous and scary.

After the police car caught up with the man, he immediately dumped a small white piece of paper on the ground and swiftly went out to avoid the suspicion of the police.The man’s actions were seen by a little girl who did not speak up and fled in panic after she saw the police car.

Looks like a safer girl. Drugs to be used for kidnapping?.The child’s act of fleeing caused a lot of sharp and contradictory controversy.Some people thought that she should have shouted when she saw the man’s act when she saw the police.

Some of the remaining comments suggested that she was aware and if another child saw the action, she would be curious and run to see what it was, but the girl in the video was very quick to understand the problem so that she would not be in danger and how to remove the girl’s cahyj was a good choice fast and very smart.