The clip shows a man wearing a black suit and determined to lose weight with unusual and unique tools. The first tool is that he holds the child’s toy
his son had a plastic ring, which he moved from one hand to the other and then put it in his head. The next day he continued to exercise and took off his shirt to look like a barrel and then took two toilet anti-clogging tools and punched his stomach.

A diary will help you easily track and control what you “load” into your body in a day, thereby helping you lose weight more effectively. “Eating Diary” will total
According to the amount of calories you consume in a day, if the amount of calories exceeds the allowable limit, you will want to change your diet as well as “give up” the habit of snacking. Many people, after recording and calculating it, are “surprised” because the total amount of calories ingested is not as small as they think. Drink a lot of water. First, water “switches” your thirst without having to worry about calories. Second, drinking more water also makes you feel full, thus consuming less food. Sometimes the feeling of thirst is similar to the feeling of hunger, which confuses many people, instead of replenishing the body with water, they “load” more calories. People who are overweight should also limit soda (carbonated soft drinks) because these soft drinks contain calories.

“Give up” junk food. Your refrigerator is the place to “store” all kinds of food, especially junk food – the culprit that makes you gain weight. If you don’t say goodbye to these tempting foods, your efforts won’t be recognised. Replace all the sweet and fatty foods in your fridge like cookies, cakes, soda, chips and candy with healthier foods like white bread and whole grains. , fruits, vegetables, beans and low-fat dairy products. At the same time, you also need to seriously follow a “rule” of your own: When going to the supermarket or shopping, only pick up healthy foods into your shopping cart. Should eat at the dining table. If you can’t control your “hunger” and are forced to eat a snack before the main meal, it is best to eat at the table. Take a certain amount of food on a plate or bowl, then sit at the table and enjoy it slowly, this way you can control the amount of calories consumed.

Be realistic.To be able to successfully lose weight, you need to be a little realistic and admit that: Changing healthy eating habits, you can only hope to lose 1-2 pounds/week (equivalent to 450-900g). ).However, if you stick to a diet that is too “harsh”, you will be closer to failure than success because after you have “lost” weight quickly, you will fall into a “craving” state again. eat” quickly. So don’t “punish” yourself. Let’s maintain a healthy diet for our long-term health goals.