In the clip, the two girls are joking around with the trend of twisting people. The first girl with a super-standard figure wears a red two-piece shirt, blonde hair tied
high. Then opened the refrigerator and glanced at her friend, who was also standing in front of the kitchen door wearing a purple crop top and gray pants with a body similar to that of the other girl, then roll her eyes. The two bent back and forth and she stood in front of the refrigerator and shot a bottle of soy sauce at her in front of the kitchen, she in front of the kitchen was so angry that she took an avocado and threw it at her but didn’t hit. two girls You are so funny. A well-proportioned body with a standard 3-round measurement is always the dream of women. In order to own the body “thousands of people love”, the most important thing is to know the right combination of diet and exercise.

Because if you just eat and drink, even though the rings can achieve the standard measurements, they are not necessarily toned and balanced. On the contrary, practice alone will take a long time to see results. Moreover, exercising a lot often quickly makes women hungry. And if you don’t control your eating, it’s easy to gain weight. Therefore, combining exercise and nutrition is especially important. Depending on whether the goal is to gain weight or lose fat, you should arrange a more detailed and clear plan, the easier it will be to achieve. In addition, here are a few tips to help you get back in shape with each round. You can refer and apply! How to get a standard round 1 A well-balanced, full bust can be easily achieved by: What is the standard female 3-round measurement? How to have a standard physique.

Choose a bra that fits your measurements to make sure it doesn’t damage your bust shape. Do not wear a bra when sleeping so that the blood vessels in the chest area can circulate more smoothly. Regular swimming, aerobics, chest muscle exercises, chest massage… are also ways to help round 1 become firmer and more developed. Limit playing heavy sports, requiring great strength to avoid sagging breasts. Do not lie on your stomach when sleeping because it causes chest tightness, difficulty breathing, obstructs blood circulation and damages the shape of the chest. If you exercise and diet, you should not lose weight too quickly, suddenly it can make your breasts smaller quickly, easily flabby and saggy. How to have a qualified 2nd round . Round 2 is the easiest place to accumulate excess fat. Therefore, to own an ant waist with attractive number 11 abs, women should: What is the standard female 3-round measurement? How to have a standard physique.

Choose foods that are high in protein, low in calories, carbs, and bad fats. Replace white rice, white bread with whole grains such as oats, rye bread, … will help control weight and excess fat in the abdomen better. Limit sweets, ready-to-eat foods, processed foods many times, foods containing a lot of sugar, spices…Do not sleep right after eating, which increases the rate of fat accumulation in the waist and lower abdomen. Choosing the sleeping position is lying flat, limiting falling asleep on the table can cause fat folds (fat lines) which are very unsightly. Practicing proper breathing also helps stimulate the stomach to contract, working effectively to digest and eliminate excess and toxic wastes out of the body as well as helping the abdominal muscles to move more.

Practicing the habit of walking straight back, tightening the abdomen and breathing deeply is also a way for the abdominal muscles to work continuously and burn excess fat at the waist and abdomen. Exercise, yoga or play sports to burn off excess fat not only in the abdomen but the whole body. During exercise, you can also use it in combination with supplements such as Lipo 6, Carnibolic, Semtex… to help reduce fat faster and more effectively. How to have a qualified 3rd round
A beautiful round 3 women aim for usually must have firmness, roundness, not flabby or sagging. To do this, you should keep a few things in mind: What is the standard female 3-round measurement? How to have a standard physique -Consistently practice exercises for the 3rd round. Typically, squats, lower body exercises, use a lot of hip and buttock muscles.Nutrient groups such as protein, good fats found in plants, fish fat, eggs, beans … are very good for developing beautiful breasts.Maintain a stable weight by erratic weight gain and loss can cause stretch marks, making the buttocks easy to sag and become less attractive.Through the above article, I hope that you have been able to determine the measurement of 3 standard female rings in the most specific and accurate way for yourself.And don’t forget, numbers are still numbers. All women are beautiful in their own way. The most important thing is still your own health. Use these numbers as an incentive to start a healthier lifestyle.