The video below captures a police officer and a man arguing; the man is trying to explain something, but the police don’t care. The policeman walked towards him, and he went back; the officer stepped back and grabbed his arm. The video ended up causing controversy. Viewers I need help understanding what’s going on when watching this video.

Because the video is short and unclear, it is impossible to distinguish who is right and wrong in the case. This. Some people think that the policeman is attacking him and using his going to do it for personal purposes; others believe that they watched a full video of this content and it was because the other man attacked the police that he was like that.

Many controversies occurred, but there still needs to be an honest answer. Feedback and answers.
Some netizens shared:
“You can’t mess up your property, and the police can’t be the victim of a disturbance. That’s one thing they do when they don’t like what you have to say.
Or when they’re wrong and want to hide it.”

“No one will read this, and some people who do will care or inform themselves, but videos like this are always edited to be more than anything.
What page are sentence clicks trying to take you forward on? More on this video out there.”
“Too much is missing. The police hit this man first.”