The video below shows the scene of a women’s soccer match between two teams; the purple girl is taking a free kick, and the opposing team is lining up to get the ball into the frame.When the girl shot the ball toward the goal, the ball suddenly hit an athlete’s face, causing her pain to hug her face. The video ended to let people know.

See many controversies. Many people feel sorry for the girl who was kicked in the face by a soccer ball, it must have been a strong shot, and a significant force was thrown into the girl’s face. Someone else gave the girl’s teeth. The purple shirt is correct, and the girl on your team should focus and handle the ball more skillfully, not stand still and let the ball fly into her face. Another girl turns around to dodge the ball.

They need to be adequately trained and trained well before competing. To avoid unnecessary injuries, they should practice and learn the skills of kicking, catching the ball and Dodge the ball to avoid injury to yourself and others.
Today, sport is significantly developed not only for men but also for many women. Exercising every day is a way to prevent many diseases.

Disease risk. Accordingly, moderate exercise will help improve physical health by promoting blood circulation and flexibility of joints and muscle groups. Practice
Regular use also helps increase good cholesterol in the blood and prevents plaque formation on artery walls, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure …

Not only that, according to experts, moderate and regular exercise will help strengthen the body’s immune system. Physical activity is also suitable for
people with diabetes, stroke, and arthritis… Therefore, remember to exercise daily to improve your health effectively.