The girl in the video shared a short video of her doing an assignment her professor asked to do if she wanted to get extra credit, the professor asked her to make

a set of pages herself. get dressed and wear it to class.

She chose to make a small hat to wear on her head in halloween costumes, using a pen to mark the position on the paper and then cut it into a circle to make the brim.

Use crayons and then cut each brim of the hat to glue the complete hat, finally transform into a girl character with a hat on her head and a round nose.

The credit she is talking about is a unit used to measure the learning outcomes of an ECTS system. One credit will be equivalent to 15 theoretical lessons, with

30 hours of practice and experiment or discussion, equal to exactly 60 hours of on-site practice or 45 hours of student work on essays and practice on major assignments, projects. . . or graduation thesis.

This means that in order for a student to receive credit, they must spend at least 30 hours preparing outside of school hours. The credit training method is not organized by academic year but by semester.

A school year can organize training from 2-3 semesters and each training program of a certain industry is not calculated by year but by the accumulation of knowledge of students.

She also completed her class costume and she will receive additional credit from her professor.