In the clip, you can see that your brother is sleeping with many scorpions plugged in without even knowing it. Scorpions (also known as scorpions) are invertebrates belonging to the class of arachnids. They are usually found in desert areas, has a venomous stinger on the tail. More than 90% of scorpion bites are usually on the hands.

When bitten by a scorpion, there will be mild pain and swelling symptoms at the wound. Usually, a scorpion bite is painful and very rarely fatal. Only about 30 of the 1500 species of scorpions can cause death. However, these species only live in parts of Africa, the Middle East and India. So is a scorpion bite dangerous and what to do if bitten by a scorpion? Please refer to the quick first aid method that Hello Bacsi shares right here.Find Understanding scorpion venom. Is it okay to be stung by a scorpion? The venom of most scorpions is located in the last segment of the scorpion’s body.

This segment consists of a reservoir, a pair of venom glands and a venom injection into the prey. Is it okay to be bitten by a scorpion? The venom of most scorpion species in Vietnam affects the nerves of the “victim”. Those toxins contain small amounts of sodium, potassium cations and proteins. Scorpions use venom to kill or paralyze their prey. However, in most cases, this venom is not life-threatening. However, people bitten by a scorpion often experience severe pain, numbness, or swelling in the wound and nearby area. The venom of most scorpions is harmless to humans.