Recently, in the clip, there was a man running a white car carrying a rock with a radius of 30cm with the purpose of going up on the bridge and throwing that stone down. How does it react?

He lifted the slab from the car and brought the rock towards the bottom of the river, then he released his hand to let the stone fall. Falling from the rock to the face River is 1000m, because the rock is heavy, so the speed of falling is very fast when falling into the water, what will happen? It’s the surface of the water that explodes with white water, then the water splashes to the sides creating into a circle with a radius of 1.5m 5 times the stone plate looks very beautiful.

But that action I hope you do not follow. Want to keep a beautiful river chugs ta
should not throw items such as garbage, stones, wastes from factories. It is one of the prohibited acts of the law to open the plumbing system as well as dispose of related items related to water pollution. A fine ranging from VND 1 million to VND 2 million shall be imposed for dumping soil, rocks and garbage into rivers, lakes, canals and ditches. manholes, sewers, drainage ditches as obstructions back to the river. So if everyone does stoning as a hobby, the river is full of rocks, so we don’t follow.