The video is an accident that happened in front of the people there, it is known that due to speeding, the red car and a motorbike collided, causing the vehicle to

deform and deformed, the motorcycle was completely hidden under the car, giving viewers goosebumps.

What is more remarkable is that those who were injured and taken to the emergency room seemed to be seriously injured. Fortunately, their lives have not been affected and property damage caused by motorbikes and cars has not been affected.

It’s terrible when the front of the car is squashed and damaged a lot, this also reminds the road users to drive safely and control the speed. Just because of a small negligence that causes great consequences, making viewers also very embarrassed.

The video has attracted a lot of comments from netizens and viewers also think that this is very dangerous to human life when driving inattentively leading to unfortunate consequences.

Some netizens expressed their opinions about the video, saying that fortunately they were only injured but not life-threatening, only regret that property such as motorbikes or cars were damaged.

They are severely damaged and require a large sum of money to repair.