Recently on social networks appeared a video recording a special event, the convoy preparing to welcome President Donald Trump. A convoy of motorbikes went

ahead, a convoy of cars followed, leaving viewers in awe.

It is also not surprising that the motorcade escorting the president of a country must ensure all elements of safety as well as secrecy. In his work, there are people who believe and support, but there are also people who are not satisfied and they will find all ways to oppose and oppose.

Just like this video, there are several individuals trying to attack Donald Trump’s motorcade. Perhaps that is why so many cars next to each other must be protected against such dangers.

Many opinions were given, some said that he did a very good job and his responsibilities. Many other comments said that he did not deserve much love from everyone, many comments:

” Yes, but he was chosen by God to ensure that he is the only president in history who has ever tried to overthrow the government he was supposed to serve.”

” I remember him as a good president who could have been a great man but he was tried by demons to destroy him “” Russia Russia Russia “

” Trump exposed all the black swamp democrats, and some Republicans want things to stay the same.. and Trump said NO! that’s why the media is against this thing. there! he, Hillary paid the Russians to fake “collusion” bull run ..etc..”