People make it a big deal, tell precious she needs a new destination update or this will turn out to be her failure to do it, you’ll know why and end it there . she cannot update the destination because he is already at the delivery destination. She has to get out of the car. Update: you guys who write emojis laughing and reacting like me are as slow as hell. She is already at her delivery destination. Once at your delivery destination and the trip is over, you cannot make further changes. I am an uber driver and yes we changed delivery locations.

I always do it for passengers who require a different delivery location. We cannot change the pickup location. I had the passenger change the delivery location when I arrived at the location originally entered. Driver and passenger can change the delivery location. In the video he says it’s the address shown on his app. I just said that the delivery location can be changed. The driver and the passenger both refused to change the delivery location. location cannot be updated without additional payment. That’s the whole video.

In addition, people have been attacked and stabbed for kicking someone out of Uber when passengers weren’t dropped off where they wanted to go just because they felt entitled to your car. you can’t change it, they took that away a long time ago because of fraud from the drivers… if a customer wants to change their destination, they have to do it from the end… and honestly give although you probably shouldn’t because then the customer could lie and say they don’t want it.

Calling popo she’s trying to work, no one has time for this mess, she’s so mad at me because of her I don’t even want to go through all that, or she Get out or the police will take you out, whatever you like, ma’am. She tries to be subtle, money bitch trying to get a ride she can’t afford is what’s going on she booked a ride where she can buy hoping the driver will be good to take her where she asked. No, as soon as she’s smart, she has to get out of my car. If not, I’ll be happy to take a trip to the nearest area and the police can get her out of here.