This force, called Border Control Group 9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9 – GSG 9) is part of the structure of the Federal Border Police of the Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS). The initial number of GSG 9 was 180 people.

The main task of GSG 9 is to fight against terrorist organizations and individuals, and to rescue hostages; prevent plots to assassinate foreign officials and diplomats; protect government targets and officials.

GSG 9 also deals with serious crimes such as kidnapping and extortion; develop, test and evaluate tactics and techniques for this purpose. As a police force, GSG 9 has nationwide arrest powers and is authorized to conduct long-term infiltration operations of terrorist groups.

That facilitates the conduct of counter-terrorism operations in addition to permanent missions such as hostage rescue and crime suppression. GSG 9 is the first force to put the HK MP5 gun into anti-terrorism operations.

It is by far the most popular weapon for counter-terrorism units and special forces in many countries. In addition, GSG 9 also uses Walter MP-K submachine gun; assault rifle variant HK G3; state-of-the-art assault rifle G11; grenade launchers fire tear gas and nerve gas; explosive devices, automatic guns; Sniper rifle with night vision goggles.

Pistols include Glock, HK P7 and HK P9 models; revolver, comes with an optical viewfinder … When the new video was posted, viewers still could not distinguish

which country’s special forces this was, but when closely observed, it was easy to recognize. It is easily recognized through several distinguishing features:

“German Special Police”

“A wonderful country of white people.”

“It’s a kind of SWAT team in Germany. We have them in every major city. They are activated when there is news of an armed ore hostage-taking. They are allowed to use deadly force. “