The video below captures the image of two soldiers practicing shooting with each other, loading bullets, and performing maneuvers to prepare to shoot. Suddenly when The soldier on the left was performing his actions when the soldier on the right had a strange move that surprised the viewer. He turned to look at his teammates.

Own and point the gun at the other teammate. The short video quickly received the attention of netizens; it caused a lot of controversy and raised many questions.
Question: Why is he acting like this? Do you think this is a joke? Why does it seem that their costumes and guns are so different? Is there a big secret behind this action?.. Many questionable questions are raised, but no answers.

Many people say that they have watched it over and over again but still can’t understand what’s going on here, besides there are some people who are knowledgeable about guns, knowledgeable about the military, and have It is easy to see that the person acting strange is the soldier on the left. He worked like he was using an AK, but in reality, they were M-16 gun. Maybe this is a game to find the impostor in the army, and he joined and was accidentally discovered by how he used his gun. Those are netizens’ speculations, and the honest answer is still uncertain and is a big question mark.

Some netizens said:
“I guess there was playing an impersonation game mode, and that guy gave it away; he was the impostor by working on racking the charger while he was using an m-16.”
“I’ve watched this four times and still don’t know what’s going on.”
” a lot of reasons, those guns can be single-fire, making them accessible to civilians, and well.. every form of media has guns somewhere… most Americans
all watch US military movies and shows.. it just takes a moment to see the difference between used American guns and all other guns.”