The video shared an image of a man injecting something into his eye and it swelled up like a bee sting, looking very dangerous.

Being stung by a bee is a common accident every summer. Bees can sting the eyelids, conjunctiva or cornea of the patient, causing acute inflammation, swelling, severe pain. This condition requires quick emergency to detect and remove the stinger because it can cause permanent vision loss for the patient.

Being stung by a bee is very dangerous, especially if it is accidentally stung on the cornea, it can cause keratitis and even permanent vision loss if the patient is not treated promptly. So when a bee sting causes eye swelling, you need to go to the doctor for early treatment, especially if you find that there are stings left around the eye area or inside the eye, you need to remove it as soon as possible to avoid filtering the poison. bees cause more damage.

Bees are invertebrates, winged and arthropods. They include many different types with different shapes, sizes and toxicity. The biggest thing they all have in common is that they all have a stinger and a venom sac inside.

When we are stung by a bee in the eye, their stinger will be cut off, left on the sting area, the venom sac secretes venom that gradually penetrates through the skin into the inside, causing immediate reactions in the eyes such as: Pain eye pain, itching, redness, eye swelling, eye infection…