A video that was recently posted attracted the online community and caused a lot of controversy.This is a way of life for some people. They made the bank do this…..If only the police would comply with the law and respect the Rights of Man instead of acting like criminals who cost the public their criminal actions!

It’s a service to your interests. If the police follow the law, people like this won’t get any consent in any resolution. But the police obey the law? Sounds like a stretch to me.

Cities are often settled out of court with these things. First-time revision auditors have made a lot of money for violating their rights.
“Suspicious conduct” must be determined from the overall circumstances. Just shooting with a camera isn’t enough.

These people get money from settling because the police can’t properly reason what “total circumstance” means.The police supervisor came and said to the police, “I wish you hadn’t done that.” Then order the police to open the handcuffs and release the man filing the complaint, then win a lawsuit!