A video spread on social media recently, recording a “difficult” traffic situation, when a driver drove a car in the wrong lane but thought he was on the right track, blatantly stopped another car in the opposite direction, causing the car to go in the wrong direction. Many people have to laugh but also extremely angry.

According to the image recorded by the dash cam on a car, at the above time, this car was traveling on the road leading to the bridge. At this time, the driver discovered that another car suddenly appeared ahead of him. black, coming out from the hidden corner at a fast speed

Worth mentioning, in the above situation, it seems that the car driver intentionally pushed the car into the opposite lane to win the road because this driver thought that other people had to give way to him. Causing the oncoming cars to brake immediately to avoid an accident
Instead of arguing right on the road, the man in the car in the lane decided to act more mature, by memorizing the license plate and alerting the police.

The video recording this “difficult” traffic situation was then posted on forums and social networking groups, quickly attracting the attention of a large number of netizens. Most viewers have to laugh at the “silly” confusion of the driver mentioned above. In addition, many netizens also expressed frustration with how this driver deliberately forced the motorbike to follow the law, despite the danger.