Ending a relationship with someone is hard work; even if we don’t feel it, it has inevitable consequences. Every Although people have different reactions when breaking up, some get over it quickly, but some suffer from post-breakup depression. Sometimes breakups are not because they fell out of love, but for some reason, they couldn’t have a familiar voice; many collisions and events in life caused them to let go of each other’s hands while they were still in love. Make them torment forever, can’t forget each other

The video talks about the broken love of the couple; they have broken up, and even though time has passed, they still remember each other, one day the girl went to her closet tolook for something The signal was like a signal of two people for each other. The girl seemed to tell the boy that she missed him very much, and the boy wondered for a moment and pressed the button to reply to the girl. It proves that the two still love each other very much, but for some reason, they must leave.

The video quickly received netizens’ attention, especially their interest in the couple’s bracelet. They asked for the address of the bracelet.And also want to own it. On the other hand, many people think that this is a disguised promotional video. They are recreating this scene to promote the bracelet.

Breaking up is something no one wants in love, but there will be barriers and events that make it difficult; I hope couples can be solid and understanding.
Believe that we can be together for a long time.