What a beautiful moment 😍

It’s not clear how this poor dog got hopelessly entangled in a piece of cloth outside her home in Chile, but there’s no doubt who to thank for freeing her.

And apparently she knows it too.
Earlier this week, Giovanni Domke of the Carabineros de Chile police force was informed of the dog’s distress by neighbors who heard her desperate cries for help.

“Neighbors told me the owner wasn’t there,” Domke told Fernanda Familiar news agency. “I asked for a neighbor’s knife and rushed into the house to rescue the dog.”

Understandably, the frightened puppy was on guard when Domke approached to free him, even biting his outstretched arm. Still, Domke persisted – and his persistence paid off.

And as the dramatic footage shows, Domke received the sweetest reward for his efforts:
“We are where we are needed most,” authorities later wrote online, in a post that has received rave reviews for Domke’s heroic act.
“What a nice gesture from the officer,” one person commented. “And even more beautiful is the gesture of the dog!”

Really a job well done.