Someone once asked me this: living in peace, do you ever think about war? When I heard that I was a bit surprised but soon I asked myself: have I ever thought about the issue of war or peace, curious about it when life has so many other things that attract me? no? It seems that the concept of war and peace only exists in my mind when I study history or literary works, sometimes encountered on certain television works, that’s all, nothing more.

Do people live in a peaceful life, enjoy social security benefits, so they inadvertently forget the core values that make up life or a part of past history, or more closely what is happening? is still happening every day, every hour in the world but we never pay attention to it… it’s war and peace.

War – it is the highest manifestation of irreconcilable conflict, the participation by force of two or more parties. The history of the world has imprinted with the image of many wars, each war is cruel and nothing can make up for it. Is there anyone who does not know the two largest wars in the world that people call it World War I and World War II, the wars are considered the most brutal in history with the participation of many people.

The participation of major countries in the world such as the United States, Britain, France, the Soviet Union… Then, who can forget the pain and loss of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the United States dropped two atomic bombs in the world. second war. Both cities were just ruins with the smell of dynamite, blood and tears everywhere. The Sino-Japanese war took the lives of many people involved in that war.