The video below captures a man being chased by the police, he tries to run in front, and the policeman runs after and on. The video quickly gained the attention of netizens, although they were worried about the situation of the other incident and asked questions.

Wonder why the police chased him like that; they also laughed at his act of bringing his dog. That action hindered him a lot. In his pursuit of crime, he can release the dog so that it can chase him. Besides, some people criticize him for his actions; they say he has no professionalism while working and makes fun of everyone present. Some other people think that this is a staged video.

Controversial acts attract the online community because the more viewers they attract, the more successful they become and make more money. Nowadays; social networks are more and more popular.

We can generate income from it, so some users have enough tricks to get likes and views. They post confusing content that confuses; revenue and attracts people’s attention. Besides, they also post negative thoughts that affect other people’s psychology to earn income from their opinions and likes.