In the clip that caused a stir about the divorce of the parents, the daughter was automatically taken by her stepmother to see her personal messages. For my work, personal parenting advice can be of interest as children enter adolescence. Everyone has the right His privacy. This stepmother’s actions are wrong for parents to check their children’s phone messages a lot and rave about things like “you can’t have a boyfriend” they’ll notice.

Yes, kids need privacy on their phones! If we don’t trust them, how can we raise good children? By checking their phone. Throughout the day, you cause trust problems and sadness whether you want to believe it or not. That will make them feel like they’re not, you can trust you with what they have, so they won’t tell you anything and hide you if you. They are about the Nguyen dangerous on the internet and you won’t have to worry about stupid choices being made. Please to them set up, not the dolls are made by you. private if you don’t give them that.

For example, A 16-year-old kid just had his family killed in the city of me because it was fished by a stranger. So honestly for safety. But her stepmother shouldn’t be on her phone. If you build trust with your child early on, things like this won’t happen. Parents sometimes don’t really understand errors left to their children instead of looking inside the world they were in, no, these kids don’t need privacy on the phone. mobile phone. It’s not a stepmother’s place to look through her phone anyway. It’s because of the father or the mother. We can teach our children in many ways .Don’t expose your baby to too much heat beyond his privacy expectations.