The video re-shares the image of a kind girl who adopted a cat after meeting it at a petting station, she returned home and couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided to write an application. please adopt it. The very next day she received a call from the pet shelter and she and her friends came to pick it up and bring it home.

The cat is really lucky to have met a kind owner and love it, maybe she will take good care of it and it will be a member of her family. This action of hers has received a lot of compliments from everyone after watching the video that she posts, many people have also shared their stories about their cats.

Some people’s comments:

“That’s my story with Bean! He was in a cage in the summer sun in GA with no shade and no water, and they had him listed as 4 years old. He was 10, confirmed by the vet the next day, and
in rough shape. Very said he was likely poisoned when he was feral, causing scarring in his throat, and he had a congenitally enlarged heart that was diagnosed a year later. He’s a darling,
just wants to purr and cuddle, has a very special homemade diet for his deteriorating digestive system, medicated for his heart and thyroid and joints, and is spoiled rotten along with all
of our other pets. He’s precious.”

“I adopted Cassie like that. She spent 5 years in shelters (caged). I cried when I called after seeing her. I told them she is our cat now 🙏 God bless you.”
“Can’t imagine how stressful being in a petsmart must have been for that poor old boy”
“That poor, sweet baby just wants love. I’m so glad you opened your hearts and home to him. Wishing you all many loving years together. Now, excuse me while I go cry my eyes out for unrelated reasons.”
“That’s where we got our max. Went to get supplies cause the guinea pigs gave birth and happened to walk by the cats. My daughter BEGGED got him. He was only estimated to be about 3 years so now he’s about 5ish. Tho my cat wasn’t very happy with us bringing another cat home. She tolerates him now most of the time. Lol.”

“I already talked to the local humane society. I have 4 cats already do I will not be doing this until they pass from old age and I am sure I can physically handle it with my health issues.
I will joining a program where they do end of life fostering. So I may not just have a senior cat or dog but also special needs (I have adopted special needs cats as well in the past and have
two now). My hope is just to provide them a comfortable and living home until they pass.”
“That happened to one of my cats I adopted two cats they where abandoned and I took them in the one you adopted Looked like the one I adopted she lived to be 14 the other one was Poison it effected his Heart to it was awful he didn’t make it!!!!”