The video below captures a man holding a bottle of wine on the street, and it looks like he is drunk; a policeman walks up to him and asks him not to. To drink in public like that. He denied he didn’t drink and said he would put it in a bag. He said his teeth were empty and crumpled it, then the bottle disappeared.

The policeman got freaked out and looked down. There was a beer can; he said he mustn’t leave it there and used alcohol like that. He said it was a coke, and he didn’t drink it; he turned the can, and it turned into a coke can. scene The police officer continued to be confused about the incident and left. The video quickly received a lot of netizens’ attention and caused many controversies.

They couldn’t. Believing his eyes at the strange transformations and doubting whether he has some magic, many questions are asked, but no answers. Someone noticed and explained that this was the man’s trick, and he had seen how to do the two schemes in another video.”I watched a video on how to do both of those tricks. Beer bottles are made from rubber and prone to collapse, so they always involve a paper bag. Beer cans are two different cans cut in half and combined. He creates a distraction and turns the can over to the cola.”