A video was recently posted that attracted a lot of interest and sharing.The video was taken by the cmera, a large, tall, middle-class policeman standing in front of a neighbor’s house who seemed to know what he was waiting for.

We had the kids cross the street tying a string to our percussionist. We let them think we didn’t know. Haha and they knocked a few times before “we found out” it was fun for them and we laughed a lot.Call the police?!? Really?
Wow can’t even get the police in Australia to show up to rest and enter. And you buy them for the knockers.If I ever get abandoned, I’m hiding hoping they come back so I can scare them and join the laughter.

I’ve come across some abandoned kids once and yelled you better run! Life goes on. I laughed, I’m sure they laughed.
That’s too much, you can just go there and say, hey, get your kid to take it down or get your kid to take it down yourself, it’s not a big deal.Some comments: