If you’re under 20, chances are you don’t even know what car keys were originally used for. Back in the day, they did exactly what their name suggests, mechanically unlocking your car door and then letting you drive away.
Technology is advanced and today all that’s left is a smart key that you need to stay close to your car so it knows it’s the owner trying to open it and not someone else. You don’t need a mechanical part anymore when the sensors take over.

That’s not to say that some of us still have a certain reflex when someone tells us we left our keys at the door, like this video demonstrates. The guys from the Ross Creations Youtube channel started the day (in 2013) to see how many people would fall for this prank. Obviously, a lot!

The fact that people don’t mechanically unlock cars anymore is not only shocking to you when you look at the number of people who have fallen because of it, but also the fact that you need the keys inside the car to drive away.

If your car has to be opened manually with a metal key, chances are you’ll need that key to start the engine too, right? So, how can you drive if that damn key is hanging on your door?

A tiktoker named Nathanmaudlin has done a bunch of these pranks, which are quite popular with fans. His videos are quite viral on social networks, But once the guy targeted the policeman and made him pay a fine just because this policeman also followed him on tiktok. According to the video, the police who learned of this prank calmly fined him for not wearing a seat belt while driving, and he immediately received a ticket.
Made fans laugh, pranked others, and ended up getting a bitter ending

Of course, it’s easy for me to talk after watching the video, but truth be told, I’d probably check my door as well if someone had just driven up to me and told me the same thing. Still, it’s funny to see people’s reactions, check it out!

>>>>Link video : https://www.facebook.com/118320607768247