Recently ,a post-published video attracted and caused a stir among the online community.In the video ,a young girl had a picnic in the meadow,she was wearing a very sexy and young bikini.The unexpected thing that happened to her on the grass was that a very big, very fat, 2m-high moose appeared to attack her.

It came out of nowhere and crawled very fast and attacked the girl aggressively and terrifyingly.The girl was very strong and grabbed her neck and threw it away decisively and diligently.

It seems that the girl is so used to her being attacked and she can’t hurt her any time she’s there.Hunting is a reptile with a length of 2 to 10 meters, depending on the type. Hunts have no venom but kill their prey by strangling them to death. After the prey suffocates, the moose devour the “spoils”.

Some people complimented the young lady on her treatment and felt it was sweet when she let go of the moose and did not harm the moose.