It is the only highway in the world with no speed limit. The Autobahn used to allow bicycle traffic and was previously used as a runway. The Autobahn also has a speed limit: A common misconception is that the Autobahn has no speed limit.

Some roads on the Autobahn have speed limits, while others allow the driver to control the vehicle without regard to top speed. Even so, the Autobahn also offers a recommended speed of 128 km / h, but the driver is free to move at whatever speed they feel is appropriate.

Always regularly maintained: The roads on the Autobahn are always maintained continuously to ensure safe moving vehicles when traveling at high speed. If the road surface of the Autobahn is not perfect, it can lead to dangerous accidents because cars are always moving at high speed on the Autobahn.

Road workers are constantly adding new layers of asphalt to keep the Autobahn in perfect condition, and it is constantly checked for any signs of damage.

Autobahn even has a team of workers working around the clock to make sure any road damage is rectified immediately. Autobahn used as runway: This happened during the Cold War, the Autobahn was nicknamed Highway 84.

The Germans used the Autobahn as a backup runway in case the main airport was damaged. Soviet bombs. They have prepared the entire runway service system such as guardrails or air traffic control towers, which can be moved if needed.

When driving on the German Autobahn, people usually obey the rules of keeping the lane. Germans rarely change lanes unnecessarily and each lane has a different speed.

Slow cars move to the right lane and fast cars move into the left lane. The German Autobahn has miraculously reached the level of pavement engineering. They are well maintained, always flat and free of potholes, rocks or slippery (like the California area).

The whole is covered with plastic with high adhesion, good drainage. Unlike some roads in the US, which are paved with concrete, they cause loud noise, low friction, and are prone to accidents when it rains. Viewers were extremely surprised when the Autobahn in Germany did not have a speed limit, some comments expressed:

“we don’t have speed limits on all highways”

“This guy is running almost twice the speed limit on the autobahn of 130kph”