Video clips on social media have attracted the interest of a lot of people, and have attracted millions of views of favorites and interactions.
What is the content of that video that makes people so interested in it?
A man said, “You are a little baby.”
That phrase surprised a man. What was the reason he was surprised?

He looks like he’s just washed his hair and hasn’t done his hair yet but I think he’s thinking about something else that’s freaking him out.
there was a cup inside it, and there was something in the middle that caused it to sink into a deep hole.

the cup is made of a hard material or a normal cup, but in this case I think it’s made of a hard material and his son has a power he doesn’t even know himself
his son could do that. He was surprised and didn’t know it was happening, but it was because it made people wonder about the content and want to watch the whole video so they could know what was going on.

why SOA is so the power of abnj’s child is really so or this is a staging video.
“Like it’s not even full. My guy, I’m impressed
What’s even more funny, people probably actually do this when someone tells them to
Be original bro u guys keep copying things.