The event focused on two soldiers from the 3rd Military Service Dog Team exercising their expertise for the first time.

“This training is extremely important for them to understand what these weapons can do to the human body and the effects they have,” said US Army Sergeant Major. Jeffrey Brahim, non-commissioned officer training Military Police Squadron 221.
In times of pain, he couldn’t control his actions, so there were some situations that made viewers laugh and cry. The video of a soldier receiving an electric shock from a stun gun and accidentally grabbing the part of her supporter’s penis made viewers unable to stop laughing.

Specifically, after being shot with a stun gun, the girl could not control the pain, constantly struggling and flailing her arms and legs, causing the support people to use their best to hold the girl. Then the unexpected situation when the girl is looking for a place to lean on and coincidentally is the penis of the man next to him, he screams in pain, repeatedly asking her to let him go.

Brahim expressed this training’s important role in keeping the entire community safe, assuring the public that the military police officers under his training are aware of their parameters. as a civil servant.

Although the events of that day left the two members truly shocked and in tears, the training provided military police officers with insight into the use of force tactics and techniques. appropriate de-escalation to protect their communities.

“We are not there to bully or hurt people,” Brahim said. “We do everything we can to make sure our Soldiers are trained effectively not to abuse the power or tools they have. This training helps them know how and when to use their weapons, and essentially gives them confidence.”