The video captures the image of a large thhana man with long and silver hair in his hand with a long and sharp arm like a character in a superhero.
He went in a car and made threats towards others that scared everyone and the video attracted the attention of many people:
New muffler or elaborate hand sword thing…a choice was made
I love how they say call the police when they have fucking phones.. 😂

They messed with him and started recording. They are going to ruin that man’s life for content. I think they need to start arresting people that do this
I just got that weapon in Elden ring good fast attack on that one
Got 4 people with phones all recording and they’re screaming call the police wtf 🤦🏽‍♂️
Don’t throw things at people’s car and this won’t happen. Maybe they learned that day.

I thought that was Rick flair at first by the voice and hair….. as for that weapon he’s got there…. interesting choice.
Bruh got out the car with god of war knife 😂😂😂😂bruh seen that shit and took off
You see one of those young people pay have lost their life for duckling with people belonging.

These young people have no Respect for other people & there belong. They do stupid they all have cell phone in there hands . Sad generation