Who is in love without the feeling of wanting to be one with the person they love. For lovers, it is completely natural to show affection, assert sovereignty, and bond with the other half.
Wearing a couple’s shirt is one of the simplest, most direct ways to tell people “we belong together”.

Today’s twin hills are not necessarily identical. You can enjoy many ways to mix and match quality doubles.
When it comes to couples, don’t be in a hurry to just think of simple normal t-shirts, it can also be accompanying accessories such as bags, hats, or significantly, the shoes that the two of you choose. such as
Recently, a couple of lovers caught the attention of the online community when showing off their pair of shoes together, although they are different in style, when they go together, they can’t be confused with anyone.

When the boyfriend wears the Nike Jordan1 AIR JOCDAN FORCE ONE Turtleneck, the girlfriend will coordinate with a pair of sexy red heels, or when the man switches to pink shoes, the girl will mix with a pair of shoes. girly strappy heels
When a man wears warm boots, his girlfriend plays the same tone when choosing black boots
Every time they go out, they will choose shoes with the same tone to mix and match together, the old couple shirt, now it has to be the same tone from top to bottom.

Just the same color tone, even if the style of the two of you is different. Even the materials are completely different and the two of you also follow 2 styles, but when outside, you will still recognize the two of you wearing the same outfit.
In fact, the uniformity of color is a way to mix shoes that is easier to stand out than the style. In particular, with this way of mixing and matching, the two of you can freely pursue your own style.

Women like sexy high heels, men keep the gentleman’s elegant style, or are active and comfortable, These two styles will be connected together by the same colors and tones.
Not only for the purpose of public relations, many teenagers also use briefcases as a new collectible. Because these items are not as diverse as others, the more unique they are, the more impressive they are.
Some couples want to gain fame with their friends, so they spend hundreds or even millions of dong to buy unique and rare pairs of clothes on the market.
Some couples are so busy chasing expensive collectibles that they forget about each other’s emotional importance.