Motorcycle racing or motor racing is a term used to refer to a group of sports competed primarily by motor vehicles, with or without racing. The term can also be

used to describe forms of competition between two-wheeled motor vehicles known as motor racing, and also to race on uneven terrain such as motorcycles.

The International Motor Racing Federation (FIA) is the governing body for four-wheel motor racing, while the International Motor Racing Federation (FIM) is the governing body for two-wheeled motor racing.

In 1894, a French newspaper organized a race from Paris to Rouen and back. In 1900, the Gordon Bennett Cup was launched. The introduction of a closed racetrack made racing on public roads banned.

Brooklands is the first racetrack exclusively for motor vehicles in the UK. Tires, stadium noise, green lights, smoke, 10 seconds and victory! This is nothing more than a drag race.

This type of racing has many followers living around the world. Let’s take a closer look at this fact: what are the features of the cars used in it and other subtleties.

The race lasts only a few seconds, as the goal is to drive the track as fast as possible, while developing top speed. There are many racial classes, and the conditions of individual organizations have their own peculiarities.

But there is something that ties it all together. Registration takes place on . The track is not just a paved road. The surface should provide the best possible grip for racing tires.

For this, binders must be used in the composition. Mixtures containing bitumen and special glue are ideal in this case. No oil leakage should occur because then the groove will lose its properties and need to be reprocessed.