The video shares a picture of a small family having fun together, at this point the baby’s parents immediately try to see who they would follow if the other person went out, when they saw the father go out.

the baby immediately followed, but when she went out, she happily went back to play with her father.I can see that this girl is quite wrapped, I always like to follow him, he must be very nice i play with you when I’m at home.
With the continuous and progressive development of society, more and more fathers began to become “slaves of girls”. This can’t help but make one feel that it’s really a change in society. Psychologists have provided an explanation for this phenomenon.

There are three reasons why the daughter in the family is so attractive to her father:
Reason number one: I’m more tolerant.
The mother often has strict requirements for the child, while the father treats the child in a random and tolerant manner. When a child breaks a bowl, for example, the mother is worried.
with a series of “Why are you so careless? How many times have I told you why don’t you remember? Where is your mind?”. While the father is usually gentler, “I’m fine. all right, then. Pay attention next time!”
This is the difference between the father and the mother, the father’s tolerance and the mother’s accusation. If you were a friend, would you choose to be near the father or the mother?

Reason number two: I’m ready to meet all your demands.
The simplest thing is giving money. A distinction should be made between giving money and spending because there is a huge difference between these two actions. I’m usually willing to pay for my children to go to school, buy nice clothes,
give me my slippers. But if you ask for money, the mother will become glum because she thinks that young children do not know how to spend money, or giving money will make you have bad habits from an early age.
So you don’t get a penny from me.
Come, please. You can sneak me some money, but I’ll tell you how to spend it. I don’t think it’s bad for a kid to spend money. The father thinks and always
choose the simplest solution. So it’s no wonder girls are always following me.

Reason number three: I can help kids feel safer
For children, especially girls, I’m the strongest person in the world, with long, wide hands, a fancy voice, the safest place. At the father’s side, the child felt he was
protective cover, warmth. Therefore, when she is bullied or has something wrong, she will tend to share with her father rather than her mother.
These are the reasons why girls tend to be closer to their father than to their mother. Father and daughter are the first experience of a heterosexual relationship in a girl’s life. From experience in this way they will form the ideal model of the man of their life. In addition, the psychologists thought that, of course, girls love their parents more because of gender characteristics prescription The first and most influential “man” for a girl is you. That’s why girls like to choose a husband like me.