The video below captures a picture of a snake kept in a cage and has a white mouse in it. When it ran close, a snake suddenly attacked, causing it to panic and run away. The video quickly received the attention of netizens, especially those interested in the animal world.

And who am If you understand snakes, you must also know that rats are prey and food for snakes. Although its mouth looks small, it has sharp teeth. And sometimes, there is even shallow poison in it, so it is easy to kill prey quickly with just one bite. Besides, it can open its mouth wide to swallow. The whole game is into the abdomen.

Snake is the common name to refer to a group of carnivorous reptiles, each with long round legs and bodies (cylindrical), belonging to the suborder Serpentes, which can be distinguished from legless lizards by the absence of eyelids and external ears. Like other scaly reptiles (Squamata), snakes are Vertebral, amniotic, exothermal animals with stacked scales covering the body.

Many snakes have skulls with more joints than their ancestors, their lizard-like animals, allowing them to swallow prey much more significantly than their heads with highly mobile jaws. To fit slim and narrow bodies, snakes’ paired organs (such as the kidneys) are arranged so that one is anterior to the other rather than parallel to the sides, and most Snakes have only one functioning lung. Some species maintain a pelvic girdle with vestigial claws on either side of the cloaca.