The video is posted about the scene where the girl is sitting and talking on the phone right after the girl gets up and talks attentively and happily; it seems she doesn’t.

Pay attention to the things around you. As soon as the girl got up, a sister quickly brought money and brought a bottle of water, and put the water bottle under it.
The chair girl sat with an amused expression and sat down nearby, waiting for the results to happen, next a guy approached the girl who was talking on the phone and changed the direction water bottle towards the sister in red, who had put the water bottle on the chair and left.

As expected, the girl who talked and didn’t notice anything sat down on the chair and touched the water bottle; because the snack bottle was not tight, the water overflowed and made the girl’s pants. the video ends right there and leaves a lot of regrets for people to see how the girl will handle this situation; many people even show anger on behalf of the girl and put it as their case; indeed, the two
That guy will die, although it’s an action to attract views, the online community is angry at the activities of the girl in red and the boy and hopes that they will realize it.
Her mistake, and I sincerely apologize to the girl harmed because she didn’t deserve it.

In life, there is always a need for laughter and cheerful jokes to relieve the tired worries of life, but jokes should not be made.
Harm the lives of others. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you act.