The video below captures the image of a car stopping a rope connecting the stump and the rear of the vehicle to try to pull it out of the ground but finally succeeded. Cong pulled a giant tree stump. The video quickly received the attention and attention of netizens, who thought this was a perfect phase to drag the corner of the tree and didn’t need it.

It took too much effort to dig it. Besides, many people also found this was just a hoax by the owner of this video. Because this stump has been rooted and just needed It’s easy to tie it up and pull it up. If the roots are profound in the ground, it’s hard to use that piece of rope to pull it up.

The video is controversial. And become the focus of everyone’s attention right now. Some people think that even cutting the gay roots is an effective way to pull the heart out of the hole.

Results. Some comments said that:
“Wonderful that all the stumps under the tree were cut.”
“Pull with a giant rubber band… take the chain.”
“Fake! Rooted already!”
“Perfect pull..”
“Only a trump Tard would try to do something so stupid.”