In the clip, the couple is sitting and recording a video. The wife is telling all the bad habits of her husband, then the ending shows that the bad habits are her husband. He is attentive listening to his wife list all the vices, He thought she must be saying that he should keep a close eye on her. When he finished listening to her, he came and hugged her neck. Choose the bad habit you need to deal with deputy. Many wives complain that their husbands have many unpleasant habits such as patriarchal, lazy, dirty, like to hang out with friends… However, you need to choose for yourself the bad habits that you cannot.

Acceptable and co-living bad habits because completely changing your husband’s habits is not something that can be done in a day or two. Prioritize changes
The bad habit that annoys you the most is the smart way of doing things. Don’t forget your husband’s virtues. Too much focus on listing bad habits can make you hateful his life partner. Therefore, you also need to regularly think about the advantages of your husband, the reason that you decided to marry him. If so, dealing with her husband’s bad habits. It won’t affect your married life. Gently express your thoughts. Some wives have a habit of loudly criticizing and complaining to their husbands when they feel uncomfortable.

However, the big job. Complaining voice only increases family conflicts but does not necessarily change her husband’s thoughts and habits. Instead, express your views in a straightforward and gentle manner serious. Explain to your husband how the behavior has affected your mood, made you sad and worried. If your statement makes sense, your husband will listen follow and pay attention to change. Help your husband change his habits. Despite reminding many times, but your husband is still “where he is”, at this time, you should take measures to support your husband to make a change. change. For example, if your husband is forgetful, help him write a daily to-do list, and regularly call and text to remind him. If so, the new husband will be fast change quickly and gradually become better in your eyes. Encourage your husband to change. Changing habits is not an easy thing, so besides demanding change from your husband, you also must be his companion, always cheering him on. Praise your husband when he achieves even small, and don’t forget to show love to your husband.