The video above captures the scene where people are on a stage holding something cheerful, and a policeman suddenly patrols and keeps everyone safe. Then suddenly he discovered that a person was secretly filming, and he was furious at the behavior and asked him not to do it anymore. The video quickly went viral on the internet.

The online community and many mixed opinions occurred; some people thought that the male police officer was too rude and shouldn’t defame him like that “unfortunately, it was just defamation. defamation if he says it to his friends, he is speaking directly to the person he is talking to, so he cannot use it as defamation because the court ruled Deciding something I say directly to you doesn’t affect anyone else’s pe of your personal opinion.

He will have to call his friends “he gave them” me some info yesterday” so it’s defamatory,” others said, “#1 If you don’t do anything sloppy, you don’t have to worry about what this cop said on your phone video.#2 If you do smug nonsense, WHY DID YOU LEAVE THIS ON FKN NETWORK?!!!” On the other hand, someone else said the camera operator should take the blame. “He said he didn’t know it was on, meaning the camera. At least he apologized because he knew it was a dangerous game to play.”

The video that caused a lot of controversies and received many views should become viral at this time, attracting the most attention and interest. They hope.
Two people can solve things together peacefully and peacefully;, in this matter, both of you are at fault, and please accept your mistakes to
the story could have settled down in a better way.