If you have watched it, you will surely be impressed with the deadly game “Green light, red light”. So you know, this game is actually derived from a game for Japanese children – Darumasan Ga Koronda

Besides the “splitting candy” game that is storming on social networks, Squid Game’s “Green light, red light” game also creates a stir among young people. Even many artists can’t stay out of the trend, the most enthusiastic can be mentioned is Lisa of Black Pink group.

In the movie, 456 people participate in this game in the first round. Every time the 3 m tall giant “cup of the cup” resounds the song and turns his head, the sound stops at the right moment when all movement must stop. Players in the Squid Game will be beaten with a gun when the sensor from the doll’s eyes detects movement. After the first round of play, more than 200 people were strangely “carried” by the baby.
The film is haunting but becomes a humorous topic for netizens to roll around.

Therefore, this girl’s song has made not only players in Squid Game but also viewers obsessed. However, this game is really real in real life, which is very familiar to children of ginseng roots.

Accordingly, this game is similar to the game “face to the wall, 1, 2, 3” in Vietnam. Specifically, a player will stand at a fixed point, behind the finish line, with his back to a wall or tree. Each turn, this player will shout “The Mugung flower has bloomed”, while the rest of the players quickly run to the finish line.

As soon as the verse ends, the person behind the finish line will turn around and discover who is moving. If caught, that person will have to walk up to the finish line and put their hands on the person behind the finish line.