Recently, netizens are crazy about the game with cat boss. That is, just stick the tape in a circle (or use a cloth to tie it up) and the cats will obediently sit inside in

a very silly way.

And recently, residents on social networking sites have continued to boil this game, with countless hashtags on Twitter and Facebook. In most pictures and videos

online, the cats are not against these squares at all.

They happily walked in, snuggled inside, and didn’t seem to question what was going on. But we – the “lotus” – have questions. Why is it so easy for cats to “get in the loop”?

Do they have a particular fascination with those meaningless squares and circles? According to animal behavioral psychologists, cats like to hide in tight spaces.

That’s where they feel safer. This behavior begins at an early age. Kittens often snuggle up to their mother to feel the warmth and comfort inside. This behavior can help the brain release endorphins – stress hormones, which bring a sense of comfort to the kitten.

Moreover, the behavior of cats is to make their own nests. They choose small, remote places to give birth and raise their children, because those places are safer and provide comfort.

Generally, this behavior is ingrained in the cat from childhood through adulthood. Therefore, cats always find a way to get into the box, into the box whenever possible, because the endorphin secreting effect is still going on.

However, what about boxes with low walls, or even… no walls at all – like squares of duct tape -? They can’t give cats a sense of security, so why do cats still like

to get in there.

The reason is the same. While it’s not a box in its own right, squares are at least another form of box, and cats love boxes. Experts say that the act of going

into a circle or square – even with duct tape – produces an endorphin-releasing effect. And it’s no wonder cats are always looking for ways to be comfortable.