The video below captures an image on the street: a man sitting on a motorcycle, turning down to his muffler and then turning back. There is a police car in the distance. The video ends, leaving viewers needing clarification and clarification about the problem. Some people are knowledgeable about the situation.

The vehicle will immediately recognize what he wants to convey, his car does not have a muffler, and his movement will make a loud noise, and he will be caught by the police and punished. That’s the trend of young people today, and they think it’s cool and classy, but they don’t know that it affects other people and is very

Noise pollution makes other people very uncomfortable. Besides, smoke can spread to the environment causing unpleasant odors and even contributing to environmental pollution. School is getting more and more serious.

Some netizens shared their views:
“While you’re just sitting there, you could be unbolting your plate and go play fuck around and find out.”
“I would play who can go faster or the longest without gasing up.”
“Bro. You’re 250 with no muffler isn’t loud enough to get a ticket.”
“I played that game; it only lasted 15 minutes, haha, until he came to check a “suspicious” car.”